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Little Free Libraries

Pick up some reading material at one of Tosa’s Little Free Libraries.

The Little Free Library program started in Hudson, Wisconsin and has since spread worldwide to include a network of over 15,000 registered free libraries globally. The concept is simple: construct or order a small library, register it to get a charter number, fill it with books and sit back and watch your neighborhood enjoy!

There are nearly 20 Little Free Libraries in Wauwatosa, and several feature a playful design that makes them fun to visit, even if you won’t be borrowing a book. On N. 69th St., you’ll find a miniature bright red London phone booth outside a home, and the libraries in front of the First Congregational Church, Wauwatosa Women’s Club and TOSA Pool Grand Hall at Hoyt Park are detailed miniature versions of the buildings that are located behind them.


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