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Celtic Christmas Boutique: Arts & Crafts Fair

Celtic MKE

Join the nation’s top antique sheet music dealers and collectors in a weekend of enjoyable and educational conference sessions.

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Tasty Tosa: Milwaukee suburb stocked with worthy European cuisine

Tasty Tosa

Chicago Tribune shares their favorite Tosa European cuisine.

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Wauwatosa dining guide

Wauwatosa Dining Guide

Join as they share their guide to Wauwatosa's fantastic dining scene.

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Tosa

The 10 Best Restaurants in Tosa

See who The Culture Trip names as their 10 favorite restaurants in in Wauwatosa.

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Bublr in Tosa

Bublr in Tosa

Wauwatosa is excited to introduce its first Bublr station.

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10 must-visit destinations in Wauwatosa to indulge your sweet tooth

Places to indulge your sweet tooth

See the top 10 places in Wauwatosa to enjoy dessert.

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Sweets and Treats

Unmissable Treats

Got a sweet tooth? Look no further! Tosa is home to doughnuts lauded by celeb chef Alton Brown and so many other delicious treats.

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On Tap In Wauwatosa


Experience the historic charm, family fun, bustling shops and vibrant culture of Wauwatosa. ...

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